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What Is a Rave? Rave Culture for Beginners

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While raves have been around since the 80s, many people still haven’t discovered or experienced them. If you’ve heard about raves and you want to know more, this article is for you. So, let’s get into it!

What Is A Rave, Exactly?

To make it simple, a rave is an organized party or festival that features different types of electronic music and entertainment like light shows. Raves last all night while rave festivals can go on for several days, and the music is always very upbeat and easy to dance to.

They’ve become increasingly popular in recent years, but there’s still a lot of mystery around raves. For some people, the word “rave” conjures up ideas of complete debauchery with illegal drug use. However, not all raves are about experimenting with drugs. That being said, the atmosphere is very lively and intense, so raves are not for everyone.

The Origins of Rave Parties

Raves started as underground dance parties in the late 1980s in London, England. They used to take place in secret locations like abandoned buildings or warehouses, and the exposure to these events was very limited. Gay clubs were also very common venues for raves and you needed to be invited.

In the beginning, the main music genres were techno and house music. But as the scene started to become more popular, more genres of electronic music started to be introduced. Including hardcore, trance, and drum and bass music. By the early 1990s, word started to spread to other countries, including the United States, where raves were also held in secret locations.

In the 1990s, the scene was also adopted by young adult people, so a new rave culture emerged from that. By the 2000s, raves were known around the world and they became larger and more commercialized. Today, these dance parties happen in stadiums and open fields all over the world.

The Popularity of Raves

There’s no denying that raves are more popular today than ever before, especially among young people. There are many reasons for this. For one, raves offer the opportunity to completely let go of inhibitions and just let loose without fear of judgment. There’s a huge sense of freedom associated with raves because people are there to just have fun, express themselves, and enjoy the experience.

Additionally, there are big producers involved and raves feature live music from rising or established DJs and artists. That appeals to a lot of people and it draws tremendous crowds. Raves are also more inclusive because everyone is welcome, no matter what their background is. As such, people from all walks of life find these parties and festivals very attractive.

Raves provide an even playground for people and they take place in very interesting locations. This also contributes to their popularity because each rave provides a unique experience. Perhaps the biggest draw of rave parties is that they focus on creating a feeling of acceptance and belonging, thus fulfilling a major human need.

Rave Culture: Music and Outfits

Rave culture is defined by a lot of things, but the ones that stand out the most are music and outfits. Electronic dance music (EDM) is at the core of raves and it offers a fast tempo, including elements from genres like trance, techno, and house music. It’s played by DJs, though live musicians also perform at raves on occasion.

Rave outfits are another major part of rave culture. Given that the theme of raves is freedom, belonging, acceptance, and judgment-free enjoyment, there’s no dress code. As a result, everyone takes the opportunity to express themselves fully through their clothes. Rave outfits for women differ a lot from rave outfits for men, so let’s explore them individually:

Rave outfits for women

When it comes to rave outfits, women have a ton of options to express their individuality, femininity, and sexuality. Rave Bonfire specializes in rave clothing and we have a variety of collections to choose from. For example, rave bodysuits are one of the most common options for rave outfits for women.

Glittery skirts, booty shorts, hoodies, Rave crop tops, bikinis, and see-through pieces are also very popular. Leggings and joggers are great options as well. Funky patterns and neon colors are a must. The more eye-catching, the better! So, check out Rave Bonfire’s selection.

● Rave outfits for men

Rave outfits for men are also focused on self-expression, confidence, and sexuality. Rave Bonfire also offers great collections for men with funky, colorful, vibrant pieces that will allow you to stand out. One of the most popular options for men are rave jerseys, like Custom basketball jerseys, Custom Rave jerseys, and hockey jerseys.

Men’s Rave T-shirts, tank tops, short sleeve shirts, and Custom hoodies are also great options. When it comes to bottoms, rave pants and joggers, shorts, and even cargo pants will do the trick. Browse Rave Bonfire’s collections and you’ll find the pieces that reflect who you are.

How to Prepare for a Rave

If you’re sold on the whole idea and you want to go to your first rave, you need to prepare. So, here are a few of the most important tips you should follow:

  1. Bring enough water to stay hydrated throughout the day or night. An insulated, large water bottle will do the trick.
  2. Choose your rave outfits well. Consider comfort as much as style.
  3. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes because you’ll be dancing a lot.
  4. Bring earplugs to avoid overwhelm.
  5. Get a fanny pack to carry all your essentials.
  6. Bring snacks. You’ll need the energy!
  7. Designate a recognizable meeting spot. In case you get separated from your group or rave partner, you’ll know where to go.

Final Words on Raves

Given that raves are intense and they involve a ton of visual and auditory stimulation, we wouldn’t say they’re for everyone. What we would say is that, if you can handle that kind of environment, the experience is worth having. Choose a rave outfit from Rave Bonfire and set out to have the best possible time.

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