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Style Guide for Women: What to Wear to a Rave

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Attending a rave is as good a time as any to wear whatever you want and bring out a different side of yourself. Festival women’s clothes are revealing, sexy, colorful, fun, and they make you stand out for all the right reasons. If you’re getting ready for a rave and you don’t know what to wear, this article is for you. We will explore rave women’s clothing and offer a few tips to help you put together a great women’s rave outfit.

Rave Bonfire is one of the best rave clothing spots for women because we offer a lot of awesome options. If you’re looking for rave clothing that’s comfortable, but also makes you stand out, you will find many pieces to love in our collections. Whether you’re looking for crop tops, bodysuits, rave jerseys, leggings, or rave pants, you’ll find everything in our rave clothing shop. Keep reading to discover the basics of women’s rave clothing!

Women’s Rave Outfits: The Basics

The first thing to note is that a festival outfit is all about wearing the exact opposite of what you wear every day. This is the opportunity to go as wild as you want, so think of bright colors, neon, metallic or reflective fabrics, funky patterns, revealing clothing, weird print combinations, etc. Anything goes! To keep it simple, we will focus on the basics: a top, a bottom, and accessories.

Choose a Rave Tops

When it comes to choosing a top, you have a bunch of different options. One way to narrow it down is to think about the time of day or weather. For example, if your rave is during the day and outdoors, you should wear as little as possible. If your rave is at night, it won’t hurt to have a hoodie to fall back on.

  • Rave crop tops: Our collection of rave crop tops offers a wide range of options to suit any style. Rave Bonfire’s cropped rave jerseys are sexy, comfortable, and available in trippy patterns, bright colors, and fun designs. They’re very easy to combine with jean shorts, booty shorts, or leggings.
  • Rave bodysuits: It really doesn’t get any more comfortable than a rave bodysuit and it’s very easy to pair with any type of bottom. Bodysuits also look amazing simply with some fishnet tights. And if you throw a cape over it, you’ll have a great festival outfit. Just make sure you pick a bodysuit that stands out.
  • Rave hoodies: Whether you’re going for cropped hoodies or regular hoodies, Rave Bonfire doesn’t disappoint with its trippy designs. You can easily pair this with rave leggings or joggers to make an easy costume, and they also go well with shorts.
  • Rave Jerseys:

    If you like jerseys, you can easily get custom rave jerseys and create different Women’s musical festival outfits that no one else will have. Rave Bonfire has a huge collection of baseball jerseys, basketball jerseys, hockey jerseys, and reversible jerseys for you to choose from. There are hooded and unhooded models in each category, so it will be easy to find something that suits you.

Choose a Bottom

The bottom part of your women’s rave outfit is very important. Making the right choice will guarantee that you’ll be comfortable throughout the rave while looking stylish. So, these are some of the most popular options:

  • Rave pants and joggers: Rave pants and joggers are a great option if you need to be a bit more covered due to the weather or venue. We have them in many fun styles, patterns, and colors, and they go well with crop tops, reflective bikini tops, sheer tops, neon tube tops, and other options.
  • Short and booty shorts: Shorts are a classic option and booty shorts are super popular among rave clothes for women. They’re sexy, comfortable, and really easy to style with fishnet tights, t-shirts, rave crop tops, hoodies, and basically any kind of top.
  • Rave leggings: Rave leggings are one of the most comfortable bottom options for women’s rave outfits. Rave Bonfire has a great selection and while they do cover your legs, they’re still skin-tight and can be worn with many different tops.

Choose Some Rave Accessories

Last but not least, you have to complete your women’s rave outfit with accessories. But first, let us remind you that you need to choose a good pair of shoes. The goal is to complement your outfit while still prioritizing comfort. Heels are usually a no-go for raves, so stick to closed-toe shoes. A few of the best options to consider are ankle boots, sneakers, combat boots, and LED shoes, among others. Remember to break the shoes before the rave to avoid blisters and suffering.

Now, when it comes to rave accessories, the sky’s the limit. Some of the most popular rave accessories include rave glasses, which protect you from the intense laser, lights, and visuals. They’re available in many different cool designs, so you won’t have trouble finding a pair to match your outfit.

If your rave is outdoors, consider also getting face masks and bandanas. They will protect you from the dust and debris, which gets easily kicked up when dancing. Face masks and bandanas are available in many trippy, psychedelic patterns, so they’re a lot of fun.

Another popular accessory for women’s rave outfits are harnesses, which add a lot of structure and sexiness to an outfit. For example, if you have a rave crop top, t-shirt, or tank top, adding a harness over it can make it look a lot better. Leg garters are also very common and they can elevate your festival outfit.

They’re available in leather, holographic material, neon colors, and more, so you can have a lot of fun with this accessory. Also, don’t forget to add jewelry to your rave outfit. Big, neon earrings, funky necklaces, and bead bracelets are very common. Lastly, body stickers are another great way to make your rave outfit pop.

Consider Custom Festival Women’s Clothes

If you want to go above and beyond for your women’s rave outfit, consider getting custom rave clothes from Rave Bonfire. This is the best way to bring a cool idea or unique design to life. You can be as creative as you’d like, no one is going to judge you. Simply submit your design idea and we’ll make your custom rave clothing at an affordable price! Make sure to plan ahead so you’re ready for your next rave.

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