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How To Style A Baseball Jersey: Tips To Pull The Best Looks

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There are a lot of little things in life that add value to our day-to-day experience. Finding a good baseball jersey shirt that you can make stylish outfits with is one of those things. Fashion, in general, makes our lives brighter because it allows us to express ourselves and also tap into our confidence, sex appeal, and uniqueness.

If you’re on the hunt for a nice baseball jersey shirt or you already have one and you don’t know what to do with it, this article goes out to you. Today, we will discuss baseball jerseys fashion and give you some tips to help you pull the best looks no matter the occasion.

How to Style Baseball Jerseys

There are many great things you can do to put together a stylish men’s and women’s baseball jersey outfit. They go really well with jeans, biker shorts, leggings, cargo pants, shorts, and even skirts or dresses. It’s just a matter of considering your own personal style and the type of outing.

When it comes to custom rave jerseys, you can have a lot of fun with them. For example, men can wear them unbuttoned and pair them with shorts, jeans, and joggers. Finish the look with a good pair of sneakers and you’re good to go. Women also have great options, as they can pair their custom rave jerseys with leggings, biker shorts, short shorts, or over bikini + fishnets, which is a classic rave combo.

Baseball Jersey Outfit Tips for Men and Women

Before we give you some ideas for your next baseball jersey outfit, we want to give you a few general tips to keep in mind when styling baseball jerseys or any other kind of jersey for that matter:

  • Custom rave jerseys Or Hooded Baseball jerseysare known for their bold colors and patterns. At Rave Bonfire, we offer a great variety of designs, so you’ll be able to find both colorful and more relaxed options. If you’re going for a vibrant, funky design, we recommend your bottoms are one shade so you can create balance.
  • While you can create good outfits with baseball jerseys for occasions like dates or parties, they’re not the best option for more formal events. So, stick to formal clothes for those occasions.
  • When pairing a baseball jersey with pants, you can make the look better by tucking the shirt in, tying a knot in the front, or opening a few buttons at the top. This will give more intention to the look.
  • Choose the right baseball jersey size for your purposes. For example, if you’re a woman and you’d like to wear your jersey over a t-shirt, a dress, a bikini, some lingerie, or shorts, going with an oversized jersey will do the trick. If you want a casual or cool look, a crop top baseball jersey could be a great option.
  • Wear accessories but don’t overdo it. When it comes to a baseball jersey outfit, the standout piece is always the jersey. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t accessorize with jewelry, a good pair of shoes, sunglasses, caps, etc. Just don’t overdo it by making sure the accessories don’t clash or take away from the jersey.

Baseball Jersey Outfit Ideas for Men and Women

  1. Street Style

If you want to achieve a street style with your baseball jersey, you can pair it with jeans again or sweatpants. Baseball jerseys with hoodie are a particularly great option for street-style outfits. You can complete the look with sneakers and accessories like a cap, a beanie, sunglasses, and even matching socks.

  1. Super Chic

A baseball jersey shirt can look super chic very easily. For example, men can combine them with a good pair of pants, wear them over a t-shirt or hoodie with jeans, or pair them with shorts and complete the outfit with cool shoes and accessories like a nice watch or chains.

Women, on the other hand, can pair their baseball jerseys with high-waisted shorts or jeans, wear them over tank tops or crop tops, or tuck them into skin-tight pants and complete the look with sneakers or boots. Alternatively, an oversized baseball jersey with leggings or short shorts and a pair of knee-high boots can also look super chic.

  1. Sexy Style

When you’re going to a rave with your custom rave jerseys, going for sexy outfits will be the way to go. Men can simply wear the jerseys unbuttoned with a good pair of shorts or sweatpants and nice sneakers. Women can wear their jerseys over bikinis with fishnets, a nice lingerie set, super short shorts paired with bikini tops or bralettes, sheer long-sleeve tops, and so much more.

  1. Clean and Simple

If you want a safe option, keeping your outfit clean and simple will always be a good way to go. For baseball jersey outfits mens, consider pairing the jersey with basic jeans or shorts. You can also wear a plain shirt under it and leave it unbuttoned to look effortless.

Women can also pair their jerseys with basic jeans or shorts, specifically biker shorts, which are super comfortable and casual. Alternatively, women can wear their jerseys over a simple strappy dress that hugs the body well. Complete the clean and simple look with sneakers or boots.

  1. Layered Looks

Last but not least, you can layer your baseball jersey shirt with other pieces. This is a good idea if the weather is cool or windy but you still want to look casual. For example, you can wear the jersey over a hoodie, long-sleeve shirt, or even a nice t-shirt. Cargo pants, denim, and winter leggings will also be a good option when you need extra warmth.

Baseball Jerseys Fashion

Putting together a stylish baseball jersey outfit for a rave or any other occasion is a lot easier than you think. Rave Bonfire makes it even easier by offering custom rave jerseys with funny patterns, unique designs, and bold colors to suit any style!

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